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Roof Medic Roof Cleaning of Michigan

If you are having problems with stains on your roof you have come to the right place. Roof Medic Roof Cleaning of
Michigan is a specialist at shingle cleaning. With several locations in Michigan's Southern Region, we often deal with
over 20 different species of roof algae, roof bacteria, roof moss, and roof lichen, as well as tree sap, dirt, and
pollution. Our crews venture daily to perform roof cleaning in cities such as Port Huron, Detroit, Lansing, Ann Arbor,
and Kalamazoo removing stains. Customers are left with a clean, new looking roof.  
Why does my roof look so bad?

Pollution, trees, and jet exhaust are the first thing customers think of when they see staining on their roof. They are
often surprised to learn that the problem is almost always a growth, such as algae, mold and bacteria, which feed on
the minerals within the asphalt of their shingles.

Shingles today are made differently than the shingles of just 15-20 years ago. Shingles in the past were made up of
a thick cellulose (paper) mat, saturated with asphalt, and toped with granular. Most shingles had an expected life
span of 20 years. Growth did not occur on these shingles until the latter part of their life because the oils would
continually leach to the surface, preventing growth. In the final years, the oils would become mostly dried and
dissipated, and growth would begin. It was often in the form of deep rooted systems, such as moss.

Most shingles today are made with a thin layer of asphalt, separated in the center, by a dense layer of fiberglass
mat. Oils do not pass through the layer of fiberglass. This is good for the bottom layer of asphalt. It protects this layer
from degrading, and helps shingles last longer. However, the top layer of asphalt is very thin and does not benefit
from leaching of oils from the bottom layer. In a short span of time, this top layer loses its oils though weathering and
evaporation, leaving the remaining organic matter vulnerable to all sorts of growth. The dense layer of fiberglass
prevents most deep rooted growths, so most are single cellular in nature, thus creating the look of a stain.

Will this problem damage my shingles?

Yes. The type of growth you have determines the amount of damage. The least damaging are the algae, molds and
bacteria. These growths hold moisture, which very slowly causes rotting of the shingle.
The worst growth we encounter is lichen. We find it growing on roughly 30% of the roofs we clean. Lichen is such a
hardy feeder, it creates enough damage to the roof, in as little as 3 years, so as to cause granular to fall off.
Customers often forget the visual damage growth causes to their roof. Most roofs are replaced today due to the way
they look. We are finding many people are repairing or replacing their 25-30 year roofs in as little as 10 years
because they look so bad. Often a roof cleaning is all they need.

Algae, algae, algae?

It is often wondered why the only growth discussed is algae. We at Roof Medic have a glassed in case filled with 21
samples of growths we find on roofs here in Michigan. It is rare we find only one type of growth on the roofs we clean.
Algae may be very prevalent, but it is only one of many. Furthermore, the most damaging growths do not start with
an A.

What about fungi resistant shingles?

Shingle manufactures have recently begun marketing shingles as algae and fungi resistant. They achieve this by
baking a micro thin layer of copper sulfate on the outside of roof granular. Every time it rains, the copper breaks
down through corrosion, releasing copper oxide, a poison to all living creatures, both human and plant life. Over the
years, as the copper sulfate corrodes away, it begins loosing its ability to prevent growth. As a result, manufactures
warranty the effects for only 10 years; where as the shingles are warranted for 25-50 years. As the shingles begin to
develop growth they too will need to be cleaned.

Why do most roofs have growth on the North side?

Ultra violet rays of the sun kill most growth spores from algae, mold, and fungi. They also rapidly dry the surface after
a rain, making it harder for them to feed.

What can be done to prevent growth after a roof is cleaned?

In the past, copper and zinc strips, installed on top of the shingles along the ridge, were the only long term
preventative available. These methods work poorly at best because the surface area of a narrow strip of metal did
not release enough oxide poison to keep an entire roof clean. They also became ineffective in as little as 4-5 years.

There are now products which come in liquid form that can be applied to the shingles to prevent re-growth. They
keep the entire roof clean, and are much safer than an oxide poison. As with the copper and zinc, these products
need to be reapplied about once every 4-5 years.
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Take pride in what you do.

We treat every home as if it were our own. All our roof cleaners are retired roofers. That means we
know how to safely and correctly maneuver on a roof surface. We do not step on ridge vents, or in
valleys. And, we use only the sole of our specialty foam bottomed shoes when walking.

Every roof receives the equivalent of a free inspection. We can't help it. Roofing has been our entire
life. Our eyes are automatically drawn to anything that looks less than perfect. Whenever we see an
issue, or potential issue, we report it to the customer.
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Roof Medic Roof Cleaning
Roof Medic offers roof cleaning products for do it yourself homeowners. Inform us of the nature of your stain, and we
will provide you products to remove them, even if your stains are caused by rust. For a clean roof, just call Roof
Medic. Shingle cleaning is our specialty.
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Here are just a few of the areas we serve:
We are Michigan's oldest roof cleaning company. Our experience makes the difference. Take a walk
through our web site and see we are the best roof cleaning business in town.

Updated: 10-2-2015
2015 Cleaning Year

We begin removing roof algae, lichen and moss on April 1. The best time for roof cleaning is during
cool temperatures. Our products dry slower and there is less evaporation. Spring is the best time to
reserve a slot. As the year progresses, we become busier.
Roof Repair Michigan

Occasionally, customers wait far too long to have their roof cleaned. Lichen and Moss will damage
shingles over time. In these instances, a roof repair is needed. Roof Medic of Michigan simply
removes the affected shingles and installs new ones. A repair is that simple.
Our prices for roof repairs are very fair. Just inquire with your sales man.
If you are experiencing a problem with a flat roof, we can help. Most single ply roofs are easy and
inexpensive to repair.
Roof Repair of Michigan
Don't replace when you can repair. Find out why
its best to specialize in roof repair.
A house with a clean roof has better curb appeal.
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